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Lawyer and Certified Teacher of English ALL IN ONE!

Do you want to start learning legal and business English ONLINE and EFFECTIVELY?

What do I teach?


Legal English

Are you a lawyer, law student or LL.M candidate? Do you want to assist your international clients in English?


Do you want to be able to draft legal agreements in English? It is possible! All you need is to learn professional legal English terminology and improve your legal English skills!


Choose a professionally prepared, tailor-made legal English course with a lawyer and certified teacher of English ALL IN ONE, and level up your legal English within several weeks!


Legal English is … LEARNABLE!


Business English

Do you work for an international company? Or maybe you are a business owner and would like to gain new international clients? Do you feel that it is your English that limits your performance?


It is high time you gain confidence and communicate with your clients in English! 


Choose my online business English course, learn business English vocabulary, and improve your business English skills!

SPEAK English and expand your business!     


Business English is … LEARNABLE!



I am Jolanta. I am a Certified Teacher of English with a legal background and 10 years of international teaching experience.

Since 2009 I have helped many lawyers and other professionals achieve their goals by providing tailor-made and highly-specialized English courses.


My main goal is to build my student's confidence to use English in a legal and business context and to improve the quality and effectiveness of their work. 


Owing to my Master's degree in law and personal experience of running a business across 5 countries, I specialize in teaching legal and business English.  I am very lucky because my job is a combination of my four passions: law, business, language and teaching. 


My professional background, teaching qualification and experience  allow me to provide you and your firm with high-standard English courses where knowledge is implemented into a language training. 


I have helped many professionals and now I would like to help YOU and change YOUR professional life.

YOUR English Teacher

Jolanta Márvány-Roztoczyńska

What makes my courses SPECIAL?

Designed for professionals by a professional

For practising lawyers, law students, law graduates, LLM students, and legal support staff

For business professionals and business support  staff

TOLES and BEC preparation 


Certificate of attendance

english online course
english for lawyers

Tailor-made materials to fit YOUR needs

Effective teaching methods

Focus on professional terminology

Improvement of ALL skills


Access to the JMR Quizlet account

Personal feedback and mentoring

On-going needs analysis

Flexibility and professionalism

ALL included in the price


NO hidden costs

english online

LIVE online lessons with 




"Jolanta has been a legal English teacher at our law firm in Prague for about 2 years now. Jolanta’s biggest strength is that apart from being an experienced and qualified language teacher she is also a lawyer. This unique combination makes her legal English courses extremely effective and useful for lawyers.I highly recommend Jolanta’s services!"  

—  Petr Veselý, Attorney-at-law, Managing partner at Nomika Law Firm, Czech Republic

business english

I want to be YOUR English teacher!

YOUR course is about YOU and YOUR needs!


Get personalized attendtion and learn what course books don't teach you!

Don't waste YOUR time and money on ineffective courses!


Learn English with an expert and make REAL PROGRESS!

Study comfortably from YOUR home or office!

Take YOUR professional English to the next level!

Complete the course and get a CERTIFICATE of attendance!

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Personalized access to the JMR Quizlet account!

Revise vocabulary from YOUR lessons anytime anywhere!

Choose YOUR course

Judge's Table

Legal English Course

Highly specialized legal English courses designed for lawyers by a lawyer, with a focus on legal terminology and legal skills. 


Shaking Hands

Business English


Specialized business English courses designed for business professionals, with a focus on business terminology and business skills. 


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